Testimonial - Winona Fire Department

"John, Tom, and Dan [the instructors] were excellent. They connect very well with our guys. They'll build in anything into the program we need them to. Very easy to work with, and schedule around. It's been a big help."

– Britt Hendrickson [Asst. Fire Chief –Winona Fire Department]

Winona Fire Department's Challenge

Responses to and from emergency and non-emergency incidents is one of the leading causes of firefighter fatalities in the United States today. To help reduce the number of these incidents, the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) has a mandate that requires all fire departments to put their personnel through training.

The intent of this training is to ensure that personnel have an increased awareness of the problems regarding driving emergency vehicles, have adequate practical training for safe driving during emergency and non-emergency response [both on and off of emergency incidents], and to continue to work toward reducing fatalities and injuries to emergency response personnel and civilians.

The Winona Fire Department clearly understood these training requirements; the problem that they faced was finding the time to send their employees to the metro area to get it. They needed something closer to home, capable of providing a high quality training program that fit within their budget.

Our Collaborative Solution

Familiar with the quality of Southeast Technical's Driver Training program, the Fire Department sought assistance. They got in touch with the Workforce Training department at Southeast Technical. After discussing their needs, Southeast Technical's Workforce Training department worked with them to develop an EVOC program that would not only meet, but exceed their NFPA requirements. The course also allowed their drivers to be trained locally, avoiding the need to send them to the metro area – while remaining competitive in price.