Table of Contents

SECTION 100 – Student Affairs

101—Application Requirements
102—Accuplacer Placement Testing
103—Immunization Requirements
104—Returning Students
111—Admission Denied: Appeal
112—Compaints and Grievances
113—Student Code of Conduct
123—Educational Records
125—Veterans’ Responsibility: Training Credits
131—Clubs and Organizations
132—Guidance, Counseling, Career Assessment
133—Placement Services

SECTION 200—Academic Affairs

201—Academic Advisor
202—Distance Learning
203—General Education
204—Outside Work - Program Labs
205—Program Review and Quality Assurance
211—Changing Program Major
212—Course Substitution Policy
213—Dropping/Adding Courses
214—Total Withdrawal from the College
215—Transfer Credits From/To Another Institution
221—Academic Fraud
222—Academic Forgiveness
223—Credit By Exam
224—Grading System
225—Graduation Requirements
227—Satisfactory Academic Progress

SECTION 300—Administration

301—College Academic Calendar and Interruptions
302—Cancellations/Revision of Courses (Disclaimer)
304—Organization Charts (Representation of Authority)
305—Policy Development
306—Safety General
311—Affirmative Action
312—Disabilities Act, Americans With
313—Equal Opportunity

SECTION 400—Human Resources

401—Achievement Award
402—Administrative Personnel - Hiring
403—Compensatory Bank Liquidation
404—Consensual Relationships
405—Representing the College
406—Emergency and Weather-Related Leaves and Pay
407—Worker’s Compensation

SECTION 500—Finance and Business

501—Financial Aid
502—Financial Aid Disbursement
503—Tuition and Fees
504—Tuition Refund or Waiver Higher Education
511—Budget Request Planning: HEAPR
513—Grant Applications/Submittal

SECTION 600—Operational

601—Facility and Equipment Use
602—Inventory Management
603—Parking and Traffic
604—Recycling and Waste Prevention
605—Management and Maintenance of Computers
606—Web Publishing Standards and Guidelines

SECTION 700—Health and Safety

701—Blood-Borne Pathogens (Prevention of Exposure)
702—Communicable Disease (Prevention of Exposure)
703—Drug-Free Campus
704—Emergency Evacuation
705—Ergonomics: Prevention of Musculo-Skeletal Disorders
706—Tobacco-Free Campuses
707—Weapons Prohibited
708—Weather/Emergency Conditions: Closing Campuses, Delaying Opening, Canceling Classes