Southeast Technical Policies and Procedures


Written policies and procedures are developed to promote consistency, continuity, and understanding within an organization and are used as a fundamental communication tool. College policies and the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MnSCU) Board Policies are to be followed by all faculty, staff and students of the College.

The policies contained within are intended to be brief and to explain/describe for the reader what the College/MnSCU or state/federal government:

  • Mandates in terms of actions to be taken regarding the issue or item as addressed
  • Prohibits in terms of activities, actions or programs that fall within the purview of the College
  • Permits in terms of specific programs or actions within the purview of the College
  • Enables, through financial or other administrative support, a particular program or activity
  • Delineates as appeal rights and obligations in the event that disciplinary actions are taken in conformance with established policies
  • Establishes as standards of conduct for students, faculty and staff in specific areas as described in the policies
  • Cites as the authority /source for the creation of a policy