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Southeast Technical is pleased to provide you the opportunity to request information online. We will be happy to send you additional information via U.S. Mail (allow 3-5 days for delivery). If you would prefer to ask for information in person or via phone, contact us at 1-507-453-2700 or 1-877-853-TECH.

The information you submit using the online application will be transferred directly into our database. To make sure we have the most accurate and correct information on you, please read the following instructions before completing the application (feel free to print this page and use as a reference when filling out the online application.

  • The Information Request Form is only two pages. Make sure you are okay with the information on page one before pressing the CONTINUE button. You may even want to print page one before moving on the page two. After you complete the second page, press SUBMIT REQUEST and your request will be processed.
  • Avoid using the BACK button on your browser because you will lose all the information you entered to that point.
  • Press the SUBMIT at the bottom of page three when you have completed the request.
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