Career Opportunities

  • Computer Programmers for Software Development Firms
  • Consulting Firms
  • Education
  • Business & Industry

Program Highlights

  • All Computer Careers courses are available online
  • All Computer Programming lectures are available through lecture capture technology
  • Computer Programming assessment tests are online
  • Curriculum is constantly evolving to keep up with technology
  • Skilled programmers are needed in every industry
Programs at Southeast Technical

Computer Majors

In Southeast Technical's Computer Majors, you'll gain the knowledge you need to be a power user of software applications, operating systems, networks, and hardware.

With degree and certificate options - both offered completely online - our programs are flexible and tailored to your unique needs, whether you are looking to get started in the industry or want to boost your skills in the latest technology. Best of all, our graduates are in high demand, so your job outlook will be bright.

Major Offerings

Major Title (Degree) Campus(s) Credits
Computer Programming and Web Development (AAS) Online 60 cr
Microcomputer and Web Support (AAS) Red Wing/Online 60 cr
Microcomputer and Web Support (DIP) Red Wing/Online 47 cr
Web Applications Programming (CERT) Red Wing/Online 30 cr

Program Learning Outcomes

Program graduates will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate written and oral communication skills appropriate for business.
  2. Exhibit college level problem solving abilities applying math applications and general problem solving skills.
  3. Exhibit professional/occupational behavior and work habits.
  4. Demonstrate the ability to design, implement and/or maintain database applications.


  • Mark Swanson earned his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Minnesota. He has 15 years of teaching experience and 5 years experience as a Business Applications Programmer.