Career Opportunities

  • Supervisor
  • Workplace Leader
  • Department Head
  • Office Manager

Program Highlights

  • Accelerated learning for adults
  • Classes held mostly in the evening
  • Enhancement program for people in business/industry
  • Teaching methods build self-esteem and critical thinking skills
  • Emphasis on leadership development
  • Network with learners from a variety of area businesses
Programs at Southeast Technical

Supervisory Management

The Supervisory Management program at Minnesota State College - Southeast Technical is perfect for working adults who are new to management or are interested in moving up in management status.

Our unique accelerated learning program enables you to complete an AAS degree in approximately 3 years. Accelerated learning uses activities that involve your senses in an intensive, yet fun environment. You will absorb more information in a shorter time while enjoying the support of fellow students.

Learning takes place with a group of students who have similar backgrounds and training needs as you. Together, you and the group move rapidly through the required courses enabling you to learn from one another.

Your employer will benefit from your participation in the Supervisory Management program as well. Company projects may be completed as class assignments and focus is placed on helping to build specific skills that are needed in your work situation.

Major Offerings

Major Title (Degree) Campus(s) Credits
Basic Supervision (CERT) Winona/Red Wing 30 cr
Supervisory Management (AAS) Winona/Red Wing 60 cr

Program Learning Outcomes

Program graduates will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate leadership skills and identify approaches to motivation to achieve a productive work environment.
  2. Apply human resource management practices at a supervisory management level.
  3. Apply marketing, management, and organizational theories in a supervisory setting.
  4. Demonstrate financial management skills at a non-financial management level.
  5. Demonstrate analytical skills in identifying and solving supervisory business problems.
  6. Utilize current business technology.
  7. Plan, prepare, and deliver effective oral and written communications.


  • Gayle Plank received her Bachelor of Science degree in Distributive Education from the University of Minnesota and her Master of Science degree in Education from University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. She is a certified Total Quality Management instructor and Achieve Global/Zenger Miller instructor. She has twenty years professional management experience. She has been an instructor at Southeast Technical since 1993.