Career Opportunities

  • Field Sales Representative
  • Account Executive
  • Industrial Sales
  • Marketing Assistant
  • Retail Sales
  • Customer Service Representative

Program Highlights

  • Working in sales/marketing gives you the ability to work in an area of interest to you
  • Courses are focused on the latest trends in sales and marketing
  • Instructor has 18 years experience in the industry
  • Marketing is integrated into every course taught
  • Wide variety of jobs are available to you upon graduation
Programs at Southeast Technical

Retail & Sales Management

Sales and Marketing are two fast growing fields today.

The skills you learn at Minnesota State College - Southeast Technical will go with you whether you choose to enter the workforce upon graduation or continue your education. There is constant demand for employees in this field.

Coursework is diverse and you will learn from the text as well as class discussions. You will work on real life, up-to-date marketing situations using computer programs including Microsoft PowerPoint and the Internet.

Our Retail & Sales Management program has had 100% placement in the past several years. Students have the option to look for work locally or nationwide.

Major Offerings

Major Title (Degree) Campus(s) Credits
Retail Management (AAS) Winona 60 cr
Retail Merchandising Sales Associate (DIP) Winona 34 cr
Sales Management (AAS) Winona 60 cr
Sales Representative (DIP) Winona 35 cr

Program Learning Outcomes

Program graduates will be able to:

  1. Communicate with prospects/customers using above average communication skills.
  2. Negotiate win/win outcomes with prospects and customers.
  3. Perform customer relationship management techniques.
  4. Quality prospects and analyze customer needs.
  5. Demonstrate human relation skills on the job.
  6. Perform the steps of the professional selling process.
  7. Demonstrate an understanding of the marketing concept.


  • Terry Greene is vocationally certified through Minnesota State Colleges & Universities. He worked in the marketing field for eighteen years before beginning his teaching career at Southeast Technical in 1991.