Career Opportunities

  • Industry
  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • Rural
  • Health Care

Program Highlights

  • Shortages in the field of skilled workers
  • Broad-based training
  • Many students gain employment prior to graduation
  • Tremendous employment potential within next five years
  • Most courses offered during evening hours to accommodate working adults
Programs at Southeast Technical

Industrial Technology

The employment outlook in Industrial Technology is excellent.

We are facing a shortage of skilled workers in the industrial technology field.

The Industrial Technology graduate is the “do-everything” technician that industry depends on to keep equipment and systems humming in the industrial setting.

The program is designed around a specific core of technical courses that are combined with elective courses to allow students flexibility to meet their particular educational needs and goals.

This program major was designed at the request of employers in the area. Our program is unique to this area and employers seek out our graduates for employment. Most courses are taught in the evening making this a great opportunity for someone currently working in industry.

Major Offerings

Major Title (Degree) Campus(s) Credits
Industrial Technology (AAS) Winona 60 cr
Industrial Technology (DIP) Winona 34 cr
Industrial Technology Welding Specialist (CERT) Winona 16 cr
Outdoor Power - Small Engine Equipment Technician (CERT) Winona 25 cr

Program Learning Outcomes

Program graduates will be able to:

  1. Calculate DC circuit loads.
  2. Calculate AC circuit loads.
  3. Demonstrate safe working habits.
  4. Select tools appropriate to task.
  5. Calculate fluid power pressure and flow.
  6. Troubleshoot electrical circuits.
  7. Create four different weld joints.
  8. Operate basic metal cutting machines.


  • Patrick Gregory received his education in Mechanical Drafting and Design Technology from St. Cloud Technical College and Aviation Maintenance Technology from Winona Technical College. He has MnSCU licensure in Aircraft Mechanics, Carpentry, Building Utilities Mechanics, and Industrial Equipment Maintenance and Service. Patrick has taught at Southeast Technical since 1990.