Career Opportunities

As individual as your degree plan

Opportunities to focus on:

  • Specialized Careers
  • Structured Program Areas
  • Combined Areas of Expertise
  • Integrated Professions

Program Highlights

  • Build Your Own Individualized Degree Plan
  • Multidisciplinary Coursework - in more than one discipline
  • Intradisciplinary Coursework - in all the same discipline
  • Build on Your Areas of Expertise and Experiences
  • Complete MnTransfer Package
  • Assume Self-Directed Learning
  • Have a Sense of Life-Long Learning
  • Appreciate Reflective Learning
Programs at Southeast Technical

Individualized Studies

An Associate of Science (AS) Degree in Individualized Studies is the right program if you:

  • are undecided about your future career
  • want general education courses that transfer to any MnSCU institution
  • would like to explore various program or career areas
  • are interested in a particular career field as well as an emphasis in Liberal Arts.

An AS Degree is a degree that can lead directly to employment as well as a transferrable degree that can be accepted at other institutions. Typically, students enroll at Southeast Technical College for two years, and then transfer to another college that has agreed to accept this AS degree. This allows students the opportunity to begin a career or begin a baccalaureate degree at one college and complete it at another. The AS in Individualized Studies allows students to:

  • focus on specialized career interests
  • combine and integrate a number of subjects into a degree program
  • work toward completing the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC)
  • build on current areas of expertise and experiences

This program is designed to provide a full complement of Liberal Arts and Science courses transferrable to any Minnesota State College or University (MnSCU). In addition, a direct program pathway has been developed to continue the 2-year A.S. degree and articulate into the 4-year B.A. degree at Metro State University - First College, Twin Cities. Also, one has been developed to articulate into the 4-year Professional Studies B.A. Degree at Winona State University, Winona, Minnesota.

Major Offerings

Major Title (Degree) Campus(s) Credits
Individualized Studies ( AS) Winona/Red Wing 60 cr

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Acquired expertise in career options and opportunities in a variety of fields
  2. Analyzed and assessed personal values and life goals that affect career decision-making
  3. Gained a fundamental understanding of workplace environments
  4. Acquired knowledge of self, and subsequently, one’s capability for self-direction and self-motivation
  5. Utilize the English language to effectively read, write, and listen critically
  6. Perform the mathematical computations necessary to succeed as an employee and as a consumer
  7. Increased understanding in the fields of science and technology
  8. Developed a thoughtful, complete career plan for continuing knowledge and learning in the chosen career field


Instructors come from all areas of the college depending on the student's focus