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Minnesota State College, Southeast Technical

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Automotive Technology - Diploma

1) 1000 level (minimum) General Education courses required unless specified

English/Communications requirement 2cr
Math requirement 2cr
GenEd Electives (see advisor for approved electives) 3cr
COMP2515 Computers: Issues and Applications 3cr
AUTO1105 General Auto Service Theory 1cr
AUTO1106 General Auto Service Lab 2cr
AUTO1111 Auto Engine Repair Lab 4cr
AUTO1112 Auto Trans/Transaxle Lab 3cr
AUTO1113 Drive Train and Axle Lab 4cr
AUTO1114 Suspension & Steering Lab 3cr
AUTO1115 Brake Systems Lab 3cr
AUTO1117 Auto Heating & Air Conditioning Lab 2cr
AUTO1118 Auto Engine Performance Lab 3cr
AUTO1126 Auto Electrical/Electronic Lab 2cr
AUTO1138 Advanced Engine Performance Lab 3cr
AUTO1148 Vehicle Driveability 1cr
AUTO1201 Auto Engine Repair Theory 1cr
AUTO1202 Auto Trans/Transaxle Theory 2cr
AUTO1203 Drive Train and Axle Theory 2cr
AUTO1204 Suspension & Steering Theory 2cr
AUTO1205 Brake Systems Theory 2cr
AUTO1206 Intro to Electrical & Battery Service 2cr
AUTO1207 Auto Heating & Air Conditioning Theory 2cr
AUTO1208 Engine Performance Theory 2cr
AUTO1210 Introduction to DC Electricity 2cr
AUTO1216 Auto Electric/Electronic Systems 2cr
AUTO1228 Advanced Engine Performance Theory 2cr
AUTO1236 Starting and Charging Systems 2cr

Total Credit Requirement - 64