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Electronics Technology - Diploma

1) 1000 level (minimum) General Education courses required unless specified

English/Communications requirement 2cr
Math requirement 2cr
GenEd Electives (see advisor for approved electives) 3cr
COMP2515 Computers: Issues and Applications 3cr
Technical electives (see advisor for approved electives) 2cr
ELEC1202 Introduction to DC Electricity 2cr
ELEC1204 Introduction to AC Electricity 2cr
ELEC1210 DC Theory & Circuits 3cr
ELEC1212 Digital Electronics I 3cr
ELEC1214 Electronic Fabrication Technology 2cr
ELEC1220 Electronic Communications 2cr
ELEC1250 Introduction to Solid State 4cr
ELEC1251 Solid State Devices 4cr
ELEC1255 Fiber Optics 3cr
ELEC1270 Programmable Logic Controllers 3cr
ELEC1500 Networking I 3cr
ELEC2211 Digital Electronics II 4cr
ELEC2227 PC Hardware & OS 4cr
ELEC2230 Microcontroller Applications 5cr
ELEC2260 Linear Integrated Circuits 4cr
ELEC2264 Design Project 1cr
ELEC2500 Networking II 3cr

Total Credit Requirement - 64