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Early Childhood Education - AS

1) Must complete a minimum of 6 different MnTC goals in Liberal Arts and Sciences

2) 2000 level Liberal Arts and Sciences courses required unless specified

Humanities requirement 6cr
Math requirement 3cr
Natural Science Requirement 6cr
Social Science Requirement 9cr
COMM2518 College Speech 3cr
ENGL2515 College Writing I 3cr
ENGL2525 College Writing II 3cr
ECED1207 Fundamentals of Child Development 4cr
ECED1215 Infants and Toddlers 2cr
ECED1220 Health, Safety, and Nutrition 3cr
ECED1225 Inspiring Play and Active Inquiry 3cr
ECED1235 Language and Literacy 3cr
ECED2320 Exceptional Children 3cr
ECED2375 Early Childhood Learning 3cr
ECED2620 Family Dynamics in a Multicultural Society 2cr
ECED2675 Ethics, Issues, and Professionalism 4cr

Total Credit Requirement - 60