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Biomedical Equipment Technology - AAS

1) Must complete a minimum of 3 different MnTC goals in Liberal Arts and Sciences

2) 2000 level Liberal Arts and Sciences courses required unless specified

Computer requirement 3cr
English/Communications requirement 3cr
Math requirement 3cr
Social Science requirement 3cr
Humanities requirement 3cr
BMET2221 Introduction to Biomedical Equipment 3cr
BMET2222 Biomedical Equipment Safety 2cr
BMET2223 Biomedical Equipment I 3cr
BMET2224 Biomedical Equipment II 3cr
ELEC1202 Introduction to DC Electricity 2cr
ELEC1204 Introduction to AC Electricity 2cr
ELEC1210 DC Theory & Circuits 3cr
ELEC1212 Digital Electronics I 3cr
ELEC1214 Electronic Fabrication Technology 2cr
ELEC1220 Electronic Communications 2cr
ELEC1250 Introduction to Solid State 4cr
ELEC1251 Solid State Devices 4cr
ELEC1500 Networking I 3cr
ELEC2211 Digital Electronics II 4cr
ELEC2227 PC Hardware & OS 4cr
ELEC2260 Linear Integrated Circuits 4cr
ELEC2500 Networking II 3cr

Total Credit Requirement - 66