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Broadband Delivery Technician - AAS

1) Must complete a minimum of 3 different MnTC goals in Liberal Arts and Sciences

2) 2000 level Liberal Arts and Sciences courses required unless specified

English/Communications requirement 3cr
Humanities requirement 3cr
Math requirement 3cr
Social Science requirement 3cr
Computer requirement 3cr
BBDT1100 Digital System Applications & Architectures 4cr
BBDT1200 Digital Transmission Fundamentals 4cr
BBDT1220 Concepts in Signal Systems 4cr
BBDT1240 Fiber to the Home Networks 4cr
BBDT2200 Voice Communications Technology 4cr
BBDT2240 Home Device Configuration 4cr
BBDT2700 Network Troubleshooting 3cr
ELEC1202 Introduction to DC Electricity 2cr
ELEC1204 Introduction to AC Electricity 2cr
ELEC1212 Digital Electronics I 3cr
ELEC1220 Electronic Communications 2cr
ELEC1255 Fiber Optics 3cr
ELEC1500 Networking I 3cr
ELEC2227 PC Hardware & OS 4cr
ELEC2500 Networking II 3cr

Total Credit Requirement - 64