Computerized (CNC) Precision Machining Technology - 64 credit Diploma
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Passion. Purpose. Focus.

Computerized (CNC) Precision Machining Technology - Diploma

1) 1000 level (minimum) General Education courses required unless specified

English/Communications requirement 2 cr
GenEd Electives (see advisor for approved electives) 4 cr
Math requirement 2 cr
COMM1509 Job Seeking Skills 1 cr
COMP2515 Computers: Issues and Applications 3 cr
12 crs
Technical electives (see advisor for approved electives) 2 cr
CPMT1601Introduction to Precision Machining 4 cr
CPMT1605Blueprint Reading I 2 cr
CPMT1610Precision Measuring and Gauging 2 cr
CPMT1615Precision Machining Processes 3 cr
CPMT1625Blueprint Reading 2 2 cr
CPMT1640Introduction to CNC Theory 2 cr
CPMT1641Introduction to CNC Precision Machining Technology 4 cr
CPMT1650Introduction to EDM 2 cr
CPMT1661Introduction to CAD/CAM 2 cr
CPMT2633CNC Precision Machining Mill 4 cr
CPMT2635CNC Precision Machining Lathe 4 cr
CPMT2637CAM Programming and Toolmaking Application I 3 cr
CPMT2639CAM Programming and Toolmaking Application 2 3 cr
CPMT2640CNC Precision Machining Capstone 5 cr
CPMT2642CNC Precision Machining Application 4 cr
CPMT2662Advanced CAD/CAM I 2 cr
CPMT2665Advanced CAD/CAM II 2 cr
52 crs

Total Credit Requirement - 64