Sources of Financial Aid


Grants are financial aid that does not have to be repaid. Generally, grants are for undergraduate students and the grant amount is based on need, school cost, and enrollment status.


Several scholarships are available to qualified students while attending Minnesota State College Southeast. Students can pick up a scholarship application in the Financial Aid office or from the MSC Southeast Foundation. For more information please call the Foundation office at 507-453-2409 or visit our scholarship information online.


Loans are available to qualified students and must be paid back to the appropriate loaning agency. Learn more about the responsibilities of accepting federal loans.

Student Employment (Work Study)

These are part-time jobs that may be on or off campus and may relate to the student's field of study. There are both state and federally funded programs that allow students to work 5 to 20 hours a week. The programs are applied for by filling out the FAFSA and the Minnesota State College Southeast Institutional Application.


Military veterans applying for veteran educational benefits are required to meet with the MSC Southeast Veterans' Representative and supply a copy of Form DD-214.  The veteran must inform the representative of the total credits taken each term and notify the office of any change in address.  Any dropped or added credits within the term must also be reported.  National Guard members and reservists receiving educational benefits must follow the same process followed by veterans.  Veterans will not receive educational benefits for courses graded on Pass/No Credit basis.


  • Credit for Experience:  MSC Southeast may grant credit for military and other training/education that is relevant to college program major curriculum.  The subsequent reduction in credit hours may result in a reduction in the amount of the monthly benefits check.
  • Satisfactory Progress Requirements:  To remain eligible for veteran educational benefits, veterans are subject to college standards.
  • Withdrawal Penalty:  With some exceptions, a veteran who withdraws from the college during any given term will be required to repay benefits received from the Veterans Administration for the days in which the veteran was not officially enrolled in that term.  Veterans should clarify with the college Veteran's Representative their status regarding withdrawal. 


Other Outside Sources

Please check with any of the following agencies that you feel is appropriate:

  • Division of Rehabilitation Services (DRS)
  • Job Training Partnership Act (JTPA)
  • Minnesota Indian Scholarship Program
  • Minnesota Migrant Council (MMC)
  • Private Industry Council (PIC)
  • Services for the Blind (SSB)
  • Veteran Benefits (VA)
  • Veteran Orphan Benefits (VA)