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Tech Chess Club

Learn the rules of chess - Improve your game
Engage in friendly competition - Get an official club ranking
Play in tournaments


Please contact Michael Larson (Office #232) at
or by phone at (507) 453-2677


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Anyone in the college community, whether student, faculty, or staff, from beginner to expert

MSC-ST Chess Club Constitution (12KB PDF)

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Tech Chess Review

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Chess Resources

Websites for beginners

Websites for more advanced players

Recommended books

  • Learn Chess, by John Nunn
  • Teach Yourself Better Chess, by William Hartston
  • My System, by Aron Nimzowitsch
  • Lasker’s Manual of Chess, by Emanual Lasker
  • The Game of Chess, by Siegbert Tarrasch
  • Logical Chess, Move by Move, by Irving Chernev
  • Chess Master vs. Chess Amateur, by Max Euwe
  • Understanding Chess, Move by Move, by John Nunn

Bonus: 15 Reasons Chess is the Coolest Game Ever

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If interested,
contact Michael Larson, English Instructor
Office #232