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Textbook Buyback


Fall Semester Retail Buyback
December 12-16 from 9 am to 3 pm

Textbook buyback for the wholesaler is available at both the Red Wing and Winona campuses during open store hours when the manager is on campus (please call prior to bringing in your textbooks to ensure the manager is available). Daily textbook buyback for the wholesaler will be available September 26 - December 1, 2016. Our policy is to buy back every book we possibly can, offering you as much money as we can. The following information will explain how the process of book buyback works. 


  • Students must present their Student ID at the buyback counter.
  • MBS Textbook Exchange is the company that handles the end of term buyback for MSC Southeast.
  • Books that have been adopted by the instructors for the next term and are needed for bookstore stock will be purchased by MBS for the bookstore at approximately half of what you paid for them.
  • It is advisable to sell your books as soon as possible during the end of term buyback.
  • The quantity of books needed by the bookstore for a course varies from term to term. When that need is filled, the wholesale value will be offered, if it exists. The wholesale value is determined by MBS based on the national demand for the book. Some books do not have a wholesale value and will not be purchased.
  • Damaged books or books in poor condition will not be bought. This includes missing or loose pages, broken bindings, water damage, or excessive writing. Many books came with a CD and will need that CD to have a value at buyback.
  • Instructors, not the bookstore, determine which books are used for classes. Instructors are responsible for notifying the bookstore of their book adoption in a timely fashion. The bookstore can only work with the information available at the time of buyback.
  • Students may sell used books at the buyback located inside of the bookstore during the time allotted. Buyback is generally the last three days of the semester in both December and in May. An email is sent to students a week ahead of time and posters will be posted on campus advertising the buyback.

To sell textbooks to MBS Textbook Exchange directly, please click the button below:

Online Buyback Button