Important dates for Wait Listing, Drop/Add and Withdrawal

Wait Listing

As of Sunday, June 1, 12:00 midnight, the automated wait listing will end for all Summer Semester classes.  Students will no longer receive notices of available seats or be able to add to a wait list. 

Students who receive a notification of an available seat opening prior to Sunday, June 1 at midnight may not have the full 24 hour timeline to register for the class.  It is very important that students watch their wait list cart in their Southeast Technical Student Login to see if any openings are available before the 12:00 midnight deadline.

Starting Monday, June 2 at 12:01 a.m., students will be able to register for seats as openings occur. 


Students may add and drop summer classes within two (2) academic calendar days of the start of class.  For example:  If a class begins on Monday, the students have Monday and Tuesday to make any changes. All changes can be made at the Southeast Technical Student Login.

If a student drops a class, no tuition and fees will be charged if the drop is done within the two academic calendar days.  

If a student adds a class, payment is due at the time of registration.


Withdrawal from a course is permitted up to 80% of the course and is indicated on the student record as W.  Withdrawal dates can be found by checking the course schedule.  

Checking the course schedule and withdrawal from a course is done through the Southeast Technical Student Login.   Students should go to Courses and Registration, View/Modify Schedule.  Course withdrawal date can be found under the Last Dates to Drop/Withdraw column.  To withdraw, the student should click on the x icon on the course to withdraw from and follow the prompts.  It is important that students check their registration log to be sure that the withdrawal was successful.

Questions? Please contact the Student Services Office.