Student Rights

Nondiscrimination Policy

Minnesota State College Southeast (MSCS) is committed to a policy of nondiscrimination in employment and education opportunity. No person shall be discriminated against in the terms and conditions of employment, personnel practices, or access to and participation in, programs, services, and activities with regard to race, sex, color, creed, religion, age, national origin, disability, marital status, status with regard to public assistance, sexual orientation, or membership or activity in a local commission as defined by law.

For more information, please see the Policies and Procedures page in the "About Us" section of the website. Detailed definitions, policies and procedures for MnSCU Board Policy 1B.1 Nondiscrimination in Employment and Education Opportunity, Procedure 1B.1.1 Report/Complaint of Discrimination, Harassment /Investigation and Resolution, and Sexual Violence Policy 1B.3 can be reviewed online on the MnSCU website.

"Know Your Rights"

Minnesota State College Southeast maintains records about you in various places within the institution.  For example, the admission office maintains records about you, as does the registrar.  Under federal and state law, you have certain rights concerning the records which MSCS maintains.  This notice is to make you aware of those rights.

Should you have questions concerning your rights, please contact:  Nate Emerson, Vice President of Student Affairs, Data Practices Compliance Official, 507-453-2711 or 1-877-853-TECH.

Under the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act (MGDPA) and the Family and Educational Rights Privacy Act (FERPA), you have a right:

  • to inspect and review educational records maintained about you;
  • to request an amendment to records about you for the purpose of correcting inaccurate, incomplete or misleading records; and
  • to a hearing regarding your request, if MSCS does not amend the records at your request;
  • to place a written statement explaining your disagreement with MSCS in your records, if MSCS does not amend records after the opportunity for a hearing about whether the records are inaccurate, incomplete or misleading;
  • to consent to disclosures of information which identify you personally, except to the extent that such disclosures are allowed without your consent under state and federal law;

    For example, FERPA and MGDPA permit disclosure of your records without consent to school officials with legitimate educational interests. A school official is a person employed by MSCS in an administrative, supervisory, academic or research, or support staff position (including law enforcement unit personnel), a person or company with whom MSCS has contracted (such as an attorney, auditor or collection agent), a student serving on official MSCS committees, a person serving on the Board of Trustees or in the Office of the Chancellor, or assisting another school official in performing his or her tasks.  A school official has legitimate educational interest if the official needs to review an education record in order to fulfill his or her professional responsibility.

    If you are currently enrolled in, receiving services from, seek or intend to enroll at a college or university within the Minnesota State System, your academic records from that institution are available to officials of other schools within the System without your consent.  Disclosures of your records to other schools under other circumstances require your prior written consent.
  • to file a complaint with the United States Department of Education if you believe that MSCS is not meeting the requirements of the federal law.  Written complaints should be sent to:
    Family Policy Compliance Office, U.S. Dept. of Education, 600 Independence Avenue SW, Washington, DC 20202-4605;
  • to obtain a copy of MSC-ST's complete policy regarding educational records.  MSCS has copies of the policy available in the Student Services Office.

Please note that none of the data in your records, except data classified as MSCS Directory Information and to the extent allowed by law as described above, can be released without your personal written request.  THE FOLLOWING IS CLASSIFIED AS MSCS DIRECTORY INFORMATION: THE STUDENT'S NAME, CITY, MAJOR FIELD OF STUDY, PARTICIPATION IN OFFICIALLY RECOGNIZED ACTIVITIES AND SPORTS, DATES OF ATTENDANCE, GRADUATION DATE, AND DEGREES AND AWARDS RECEIVED.

Under the provisions of FERPA and Minnesota Government Data Practices Act, Minnesota Statutes Chapter 13, students have the right to withhold disclosure of such directory information.  MSCS will honor your request to withhold directory information if you complete the Authorization to Withhold Directory Information Form. This form can be picked up in the Student Services Office or can be found on our college website's Forms Page. 


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