Learning Resources

Southeast Technical provides access to many information and technology resources to assist in preparing students for careers and life-long learning. Visit the Learning Resources site for more information.

Academic Advising

At times it is important to touch base with an advisor to map your educational plan. Each online program has a program advisor who can help you with these questions. Please take the time to prepare for these meetings by following the recommendations in the advising guide.

Information Technology Support

The technology support provided by the institution is not meant to maintain and manage your home computer. Rather, the support is available to help you with technical issues with required hardware and D2L issues. Visit the IT Support page for more information.

Course Evaluations

We want your feedback! Near the end of your course, instructors may provide access to an end of course survey. Additionally, the college participates in the Noel Levitz Priorities Survey for Online Learners (PSOL). These surveys are designed to help improve the design and delivery of online courses and improve services for online learners.