D2L Brightspace

D2L Screenshot 2015D2L Brightspace is a web-based learning program designed to help students achieve their educational goals. It provides the student with an e-learning environment that allows the student to adapt with ease so they can focus on their learning experience not on the technology involved. D2L is a fully customizable Learning Management System. It provides the student with an alternative to the traditional classroom setting, while at the same time, allowing the student a convenient way to take courses with the flexibility of being able to do so from anywhere that they may have computer access.

Before you can access your online courses you must have a student account set up. The account will be set up for you after you are accepted by the college as a student and you have registered for an online course. If you have recently enrolled or registered you may not be able to access your account yet. If this is the case, contact our Information Technology Department either by e-mail at D2L@southeastmn.edu or at 651-385-6300 (Red Wing) or 507-453-2408 (Winona Campus).

D2L Brightspace Login  

Try it for yourself!

Go to Southeast Technical's D2L Brightspace Self-Guided Tour. There are 25 guest accounts set up, and you can login using the following information:

  • Username = Guest1, or Guest2, or Guest3, etc. up to Guest25
  • Password = password

You can also try a system demonstration course, where you can learn about chocolate and try D2L for yourself!

We strongly recommend that you download the D2L Orientation Information sheet.