Human Resources

The HR Department of Southeast Technical strives to ensure a professional and respectful environment in working with all employees to assist in providing quality education for today and tomorrow. This is achieved through effective human resources policies, programs, services, and resources.


The information provided in the website is only intended to be general summary information. Although every effort is made to keep these pages updated and current, due to circumstances beyond our control, policies and information may change without notice, and we cannot be liable for typographic or interpretation errors. Current law and college policies supersede any information posted on the website.

Information found on this website may be obtained in alternate format to individuals with disabilities by calling one of the campuses. Southeast Technical is an affirmative action/equal opportunity educator and employer.

Should you need further assistance, use the information below to contact staff in Human Resources.

Maryellen Kanz

Vanessa Harstad

Nicki Adank