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Remote Desktop on Your Tablet
If you need to get at the Remote Desktop using a phone or tablet, your IT department recommends 2x RDP. You can get it from the Play store for either Chromebooks or Android platforms.

Are you infected (with a DNS Changer)?
A DNS changer can be a tricky thing to spot, and can result in your losing Internet capability or getting infected with something worse. Clicking on the linked title above will check if your computer is infected. If it is, you will be directed to a different Web page ( to automatically fix the issue.

Creating secure passwords
Save your identity and make your online life easier by creating secure passwords the simple way.

On-Screen Keyboard, much more secure password entry
With the prevalence of keyloggers, it pays to know the best tricks to keep your passwords safe.

Help Desk
Get help when you need it, over the phone. Be sure to download and read the Help Desk Brochure before calling. It will answer most of your questions.