D2L Assistance

D2L CornerBelow are some techniques for students who are having trouble with Desire to Learn (D2L).

Login Issues

Remember your Login name =  Your StarID and your password should be your StarID Password.  If you still can’t log in, contact the Helpdesk at 507-453-2408 or email Helpdesk@southeastmn.edu.


Things to Try if You Can’t Open a Course Item in D2L

  1. Check to see that you have the latest updates or at least a "reader" for the content.  You may need to get the latest updates for Flash Player or Adobe Reader, etc. or get a free reader for the content  (i.e. Microsoft Word reader).
  2. Logout, turn off your computer, then re-start it after about 30 seconds.  Then try to open the media again.
  3. Try Saving the media to your desktop and then accessing it from your desktop file you just created.
  4. If you still have problems with opening the media, then contact your instructor.


D2L Information and Practice:

Want to take D2L for a test ride and try some things out?  You can, just login as a guest.  There are 25 guest accounts set up in D2L so just use the information below to login and try it out.

UserName:  The word "Guest", followed by any number up to 25. For example, "Guest1", "Guest4", "Guest16", etc.
Password:  Contact Tim [(507) 453.2722] to get a password

Once you login just Click on the course title "D2L Self-Guided Tour" on the right side under My Courses.