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November Puzzle Challenge

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November Puzzle Challenge

Leet (or 1337), is a language used by tech-heads and geeks from around the world. It uses ASCII characters, in combination with alternative letters and numbers. Do a Google Search for Leet and see if you can translate these names.

  1. j0h|\| moNt3+
  2. t40 pENg
  3. sk0++ |-|@1G|-|
  4. 7H0m4Z d0Yl3
  5. G4|2|2j s|-|1N|}L3|2
  6. M0|-|a|\/|3|) EL|-|1N|}i
  7. @N|)'/ s(|-|o3n

UPDATE: Congratulations to Mary Donlin who was the first to email me back with the correct answers! I will post the answers a little later in the coming week.

Graphing the obvious

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Graphing the obvious

There is a proliferation of great blogs out there that fall into a certain style. If you haven't seen Failblog,  LolCats, or Cake Wrecks, you are truly missing out on some of the funniest content on the Web.

On of my favorite is Graphjams, a site that allows visitors to put their life observences in quantifiable terms. Here are some of my favorites.


Graphjam - Battery Life

Graphjam - Computer Solve

Graphjam - Class Length

Graphjam - Book Costs

~ John