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Office 365 Changeover  

Here is what you should know

Last Updated: 3.23.2017 at 10:33 am.

Get My Outlook Working (on campus)

Watch the Video

NOTE: if you use Office 2010, please stop and call the Help Desk at 2408 for special assistance.

  1. Make sure Outlook is NOT running.
  2. Open the o365ST folder on the Common (H:\) drive
  3. Double-click the H:\o365ST\ResetOutlook.cmd file
    • A window will open and shut quickly
  4. Open Outlook
    • You should see a "Welcome to Outlook 2013 Window"
  5. Click the Next > button
  6. Leave the Yes option selected and click the Next > button again
  7. Your normal email address should appear in the E-mail Address: box
    • Click the Next > button
  8. The "Configuring" window will fail to connect and give you a pop-up window
  9. Replace the login name (… with
    • Remember to replace "starid" with your actual StarID
  10. Put your StarID password in the Password box
  11. Check the Remember my credentials box
  12. Click the OK button
  13. Wait a moment or two for Outlook to open

Voicemail Information

With the Office 365 changeover, we are moving to Exchange Unified Messaging.

Basically, your voicemail is changing.

What you should know

  • Your greetings will be lost, but…
  • The system will have a default message in place (with your name), so…
  • You won’t lose any incoming messages.

How to access/customize your email

When the new system is in place, you will receive an email with instructions on accessing your new voicemail system.

That email will look like this:

Exchange Unified Messaging Email

Extra important points

  • When asked for your “extension”, give the full 10-digit number (e.g. 507.453.2408)
  • You will access the system simply by dialing 1499 (instead of 33-1599 now)
    • Off campus, you can dial 507.453.1499
  • There are a lot of options to explore in the new system, but it is easier to use

Email Online

Here you will notice a difference. The following are the changes you will experience with online email.

  • The User Name to log into email online is
  • This is only a USER NAME to log into email online. It is NOT your email address
  • Your email address will remain the same.
  • The URL to the online email system will change
    • The button on the Email Page will always point to the correct URL
    • If you had the old login URL bookmarked, you will need to change it
  • Mobile phone email connections will need to be reset. (Contact the Help Desk.)
  • D2L, eServices, and computer logins will stay the same
  • The Office 365 environment is very different from the old "Exchange" interface. It works more like the Office 2013 you are used to using on campus.

If you have questions, please call the Help Desk at 507.453.2408 |


Click on the collapsible panel to open and close it. New items are marked with a star

The Outlook Address Book can be daunting with the single tenant.

You can quickly learn how to change the default Address Book

MSC Southeast migrated to the "single tenant". This is a central location for email creation and hosting (at Minnesota State).

This is only affected email systems. Computer logins, D2L, etc. are all remaining the same.

The login username for the new email system changed. It only needs to be updated once on your local computer. IT will help you with that.

Online email is different. Instead of logging in with "it\starid", you will now log in with "" as your user name.

Yeah, we know what it looks like - but this is not a change in your email address! It is only a change in the login to online email.

No. Nein. Nu. Ne. Nun. Nuh uh. Non. Nope. Your email address did not change.

Your email is still (e.g.

Don't order new business cards.

The reason the new login looks like an email address is because… well, it is complicated* and you have important stuff to do. Believe us. If we could change it, we promise we would.

(*If you really want to know, call John at 2733. It wasn't his idea either, but we let him explain it.)

Your email should have come over correctly and in full. If it did not, please contact the Help Desk (2408)

There is one excpetion: if you created your own groups out of our contacts, you will have to recreate those groups. The contacts should still be here.

If Outlook on your computer asks for a username/password. Use "" as your user name and your StarID password as the password. Things will look normal after that.

Incidentally, this is the same for online email.

If you are using Outlook 2010, or if you have to log in repeatedly, give the Help Desk a call at 2408 and we'll help.

To login to email online, do the following.

  • Visit "Quick Links > Email" and click the "Staff & Faculty Email" button
  • In the first field enter (Replacing "starid" with your StarID, of course.)
  • The "Password" is your StarID password
  • Enjoy a tasty beverage as you explore Outlook 365

If you have your phone or tablet set to check your email, you will need to update that information as well.

The best solution is to download or reinstall the Outlook app.

Contact the Help Desk (2408) to find out how to update your phone or tablet.

Students are already using Office 365 online, but they now will need to use a different login address.

A resource page for students can be found at


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