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A quick, cool, free screensaver

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 A quick, cool, free screensaver

I love screensavers. Originally designed to prevent images from burning into monitor screens, screensavers can be fun. This is good, because as monitor technology progressed, these programs are less and less necessary. Still, if you have a monitor sitting around your house or apartment, shouldn’t it be doing something?

Downloading screensaver programs can be risky. They are a favored way for hackers to install software on other machines. You should only get screensavers from companies you trust.

If you are into minimalism, there is a very cool screensaver already on your computer - 3D Text!

Okay, so if you just use a regular font, it is horrifically boring. Pictures would be better. Fortunately, fonts such as Windings display images. Rotated in 3D, these images can be kind of cool.

Open your screensaver (right-click on your desktop and choose “Personalize” or “Display Properties” to find this menu), and choose “3D Text” from the drop-down. Choose “Custom Text” and type a capital A in the text box. Crank the size to “Large” and click “OK”. This is what you get – except it is rotates.

Screensaver with A in Wingding

You can play with the text, textures, and colors to come up with some cool screensaver variations. Here are some that I like.

3D Text Wingdings

Yes folks, I am definitely a geek for finding this to be a source of entertainment. But when simplicity, style, and free converge it just makes me happy.

Footnote: If you using Windows 98 or earlier, type the words "volcano" or "beer" (without quotes) into the text box. It will unlock some fun and interesting behavior.