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Finally. PDF editing software - for free!

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Finally. PDF editing software - for free!

PDF-XChange ViewerPeople stop by my office all the time - have for years - wanting to edit PDFs. Without having to shell out several hundred dolloars ($300 at last count), for the full Adobe Acrobat software, there was really no way to do this. Worse, even if you had the software, simple tasks such as filling out forms was still a pain.

Enter PDF-XChange Viewer from Tracker Software Products. This light, easy to use, and free software does exactly what you've always wanted to do to a PDF. Better, it allows you do make edits and add text in a way that makes sense. It is at once easy to use and powerful.

If you want to upgrade to the full version, you only have to shell out $34.50 - less if you buy more than 2 licenses at a time.

I rarely recommend software, but in this case, it fulfills a need I see all the time... in that chair... right there.