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Essential Mobile Apps for Students

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Woman on Cell PhoneMobile apps are becoming a mainstream for student success. If you are a student, here are a few to consider.

Tegrity Mobile App

An increasing number of Southeast Technical faculty use Tegrity to record or supplement their courses. Tegrity offers an app that allows student to bookmark recordings in real time, take notes, and search right from your phone.

More information at www.tegrity.com/product/mobile


This services lets you capture ideas, lists, vocabulary, or any other information you need in one place. Then you can easily access and search your notes from any internet connected computer or mobile device.

More information at www.evernote.com  

Bench Prep

Bench Prep provides online practice testing services, study guides and material (including video), and peer support. This service is gold whether you are trying to pass biochemistry or studying for the BAR exam. The service isn't free (courses range from $99 - $199), but the mobile download is free!

More information at www.benchprep.com

Mathemagics Lite for iPhone

It is well documented that iPhone users need help with math. Okay, all of us need help with math. Mathemagics Lite is a great tool to help you study for the ACT, GRE, or just get a better handle on math in general. Unfortunately, it is only available for iPhone.

More information at www.bluelightninglabs.com  


There are many more apps for students, of course (Interview Prep Questions, JobAware, etc.). If you come across one you can't live without, let me know. I'll discuss it in a future post.