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Minnesota Transfer Curriculum Package

The Minnesota Transfer Curriculum is the means by which a student transfers a complete package of lower division general education from one MnSCU institution to another.  At Minnesota State College – Southeast Technical this is accomplished by a minimum of 40 credits with course requirements in each of the 10 goal areas as designated below.  If a course is eligible for multiple goals, the additional goal(s) is listed in parenthesis, however, credits for any course may count only once towards the minimum 40 credits.  Students must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 to transfer this package. The MnTC grade point average will be calculated using grades of A – D (passing grades earned) in all MnTC courses, including both Southeast Technical and transfer grades. An asterisk (*) indicates courses available online as well as on campus.


Goal 1: Written and Oral Communications - (6-9 credits - to include ENGL2515 and COMM2518)

Goal: To develop writers and speakers who use the English language effectively and who read, write, and listen critically.

Goal 1: Written and Oral Communications
COMM2518 College Speech (3cr)   
ENGL2510 *Technical Writing (3cr)  
ENGL2515 *College Writing I (3cr)  
ENGL2525 *College Writing II (3cr) (Goal 2)
ENGL2545 Introduction to Creative Writing (3cr)  
ENGL2595 Special Topics in Writing (3cr)  

Goal 2: Critical Thinking - (0-3 credits or fulfilled once all other goals are met)

Goal: To develop thinkers who are able to unify factual, creative, rational, and value-sensitive modes of thought.  Critical thinking skills will be taught and used in courses across the general education curriculum.

Goal 2: Critical Thinking
BIOL2511 Human Anatomy (4cr) (Goal 3)
BIOL2512 Human Physiology (4cr) (Goal 3)
BIOL2515 Anatomy & Physiology I (4cr) (Goal 3)
BIOL2516 Anatomy & Physiology II (4cr) (Goal 3)
BIOL2526 *Nutrition (3cr) (Goal 3)
CHEM2518 *General, Organic, & Biochemistry I (4cr) (Goal 3)
CHEM2520 General, Organic, & Biochemistry II (4cr) (Goal 3)
ENGL2525 *College Writing II (3cr) (Goal 1)
HUMA2505 Oral Interpretation (3cr) (Goal 6)
HUMA2522 *Introduction to Graphic Design (3cr) (Goal 6
HUMA2595 Critical Thinking through Chess (3cr)  
PSYC2520 *Psychology of Human Sexuality (3cr) (Goal 5)

Goal 3: Natural Science - (6-9 credits - to include a traditional lab credit)

Goal: To improve students’ understanding of physical and biological principles and of the methods of scientific inquiry.

Goal 3: Natural Science
BIOL2500 Human Biology (4cr)  
BIOL2501 Introduction to Biology (4cr) (Goal 10)
BIOL2511 Human Anatomy (4cr) (Goal 2)
BIOL2512 Human Physiology (4cr) (Goal 2)
BIOL2515 Anatomy & Physiology I (4cr) (Goal 2)
BIOL2516 Anatomy & Physiology II (4cr) (Goal 2)
BIOL2520 *Environmental Science (3cr) (Goal 10)
BIOL2526 *Nutrition (3cr) (Goal 2)
BIOL2531 Microbiology (3cr) (Goal 3)
CHEM2510 Survey of Chemistry (4cr)  
CHEM2518 *General, Organic & Biochemistry I (4cr) (Goal 2)
CHEM2520 General, Organic, & Biochemistry II (4cr) (Goal 2)
CHEM2522 Environmental Chemistry (3cr) (Goal 10)
CHEM2525 Introduction to Forensic Science (3cr) (Goal 9)
PHYS2515 *College Physics I (4cr)  

Goal 4: Mathematical/Logical Reasoning - (3–6 credits)

Goal: To increase student’s knowledge about mathematical processes and other logical reasoning.

Goal 4: Mathematical/Logical Reasoning
MATH2518 Liberal Arts Math (3cr)  
MATH2520 *College Algebra (3cr)  
MATH2522 College Trigonometry (3cr)   
MATH2525 Pre-Calculus (3cr)  
MATH2530 Introduction to Statistics (3cr)  

Goal 5: History and the Social and Behavioral Sciences - (6-9 credits)

Goal: To increase students’ knowledge of how historians and social behavioral scientists discover, develop, describe, and explain the behaviors and interactions among individuals, groups, institutions, events, and ideas.

Goal 5: History and the Social and Behavioral Sciences
ECON2505 Personal Finance (3cr) (Goal 9)
ECON2510 Survey of Economics (3cr) (Goal 9)
GEOG2510 *Physical Geography (3cr) (Goal 10)
GEOG2515 *World Regional Geography (3cr) (Goal 8)
HIST2505 *Western Civilization to 1500 (3cr) (Goal 8)
HIST2508 *US History to 1865 (3cr) (Goal 7)
HIST2510 *US History 1865-Present (3cr) (Goal 7)
HIST2525 Minnesota History (3cr) (Goal 10)
HIST2528 *World Civilizations to 1500 C.E (3cr) (Goal 8)
HIST2530 *World Civilizations 1500 C.E-Present (3cr) (Goal 8)
HIST2535 History of the American Indian (3cr) (Goal 7)
POLS2501 *Introduction to Political Science (3cr) (Goal 9)
POLS2520 *American Government (3cr) (Goal 9)
PSYC2510 *General Psychology (3cr) (Goal 7)
PSYC2515 *Developmental Psychology (3cr)  
PSYC2520 *Psychology of Human Sexuality (3cr) (Goal 2)
PSYC2525 *Abnormal Psychology  (3cr) (Goal 7)
PSYC2530 *Social Psychology (3cr) (Goal 7)
SOCS2505 *Sociology of the Family (3cr)  (Goal 7)
SOCS2510 *Introduction to Sociology (3cr)  
SOCS2514 Work in America (3cr)  
SOCS2525 Social Deviance (3cr)  

Goal 6: The Humanities - (6-9 credits)

Goal: To expand students’ knowledge of the human condition and human cultures, especially in relation to behavior, ideas, and values expressed in works of art, imagination, and thought.

Goal 6: The Humanities
CHIN2530 *Chinese Culture (3cr) (Goal 8)
ENGL2565 *Introduction to Literature (3cr)  
ENGL2570 Poetry of the English Language (3cr)  
ENGL2580 Independent Reading: The Great Books (3cr) (Goal 8)
ENGL2590 Special Topics in Literature (3cr)  
FREN2530 *French Culture (3cr) (Goal 8)
HUMA2501 *Introduction to the Arts (3cr)  
HUMA2503 *Introduction to Music (3cr)  
HUMA2505 Oral Interpretation (3cr) (Goal 2)
HUMA2511  Popular Music in American Society (3cr) (Goal 7)
HUMA2513 *World Music (3cr) (Goal 8)
HUMA2520 Film Studies (3cr)  
HUMA2522    *Introduction to Graphic Design (3cr) (Goal 2)
HUMA2523 *Introduction to the Digital Arts and Creative Multimedia (3cr)  
HUMA2525 Digital Photography (3cr)  
HUMA2530 *Exploring World Cultures (3cr) (Goal 8)
HUMA2535 *Multicultural America (3cr) (Goal 7)
HUMA2545 *Introduction to Women's Studies (3cr)  (Goal 8)
PHIL2510 *Moral Problems (3cr) (Goal 9)
SPAN2538 *Introduction to Hispanic Cultures (3cr) (Goal 8)

Goal 7: Human Diversity - (3–6 credits)

Goal: To increase students’ understanding of individual and group differences (i.e. race, gender, ethnicity, class) and their knowledge of various history traditions, values, and cultures.

Goal 7: Human Diversity
HIST2508 *US History to 1865 (3cr) (Goal 5)  
HIST2510 *US History 1865-Present (3cr)  (Goal 5)  
HIST2535 History of the American Indian (3cr)  (Goal 5)  
HUMA2511 Popular Music in American Society (3cr)     (Goal 6)  
HUMA2535 *Multicultural America (3cr) (Goal 6)  
PSYC2510 *General Psychology (3cr) (Goal 5)  
PSYC2525 *Abnormal Psychology  (3cr) (Goal 5)  
PSYC2530 *Social Psychology (3cr) (Goal 5)  
SOCS2505 *Sociology of the Family (3cr)  (Goal 5)  

Goal 8: Global Perspective - (3-6 credits)

Goal: To develop students’ understanding of the growing interdependence of nations and peoples and develop their ability to apply a comparative perspective to cross-cultural social, economic, and political experiences.

Goal 8: Global Perspective
CHIN2505 Beginning Chinese I (4cr)  
CHIN2510 Beginning Chinese II (4cr)  
CHIN2530 *Chinese Culture (3cr) (Goal 6)
ENGL2580 Independent Reading: The Great Books (3cr) (Goal 6)
FREN2530 *French Culture (3cr) (Goal 6)
GEOG2515 *World Regional Geography (3cr) (Goal 5)
HIST2505 *Western Civilization to 1500 (3cr) (Goal 5)
HIST2528 *World Civilizations to 1500 C.E (3cr) (Goal 5)
HIST2530 *World Civilizations 1500 C.E-Present (3cr)  (Goal 5)
HUMA2513 *World Music (3cr) (Goal 6)
HUMA2530 *Exploring World Cultures (3cr) (Goal 6)
HUMA2545 *Introduction to Women's Studies (3cr) (Goal 6)
SPAN2538 *Introduction to Hispanic Cultures (3cr) (Goal 6)
SPAN2540 *Beginning Spanish I (4cr)  
SPAN2542 *Beginning Spanish II (4cr)  

Goal 9: Ethical and Civic Responsibility - (3-6 credits)

Goal: To develop students’ capacity to identify, discuss, and reflect upon the ethical dimensions of political, social, and personal life and an understanding of the ways in which they can exercise responsible and productive citizenship.

Goal 9: Ethical and Civic Responsibility
CHEM2525 Introduction to Forensic Science (3cr) (Goal 3)
ECON2505 Personal Finance (3cr) (Goal 5)
ECON2510 Survey of Economics (3cr) (Goal 5)
PHIL2510 *Moral Problems (3cr) (Goal 6)
POLS2501 *Introduction to Political Science (3cr) (Goal 5)
POLS2520 *American Government (3cr) (Goal 5)

Goal 10: People and the Environment - (3-6 credits)

Goal: To improve students’ understanding of today’s complex environmental changes.

Goal 10: People and the Environment
BIOL2501 Introduction to Biology(4cr)  (Goal 3)
BIOL2520 *Environmental Science (3cr) (Goal 3)
CHEM2522 Environmental Chemistry (3cr) (Goal 3)
GEOG2510 *Physical Geography (3cr) (Goal 5)
HIST2525 Minnesota History (3cr) (Goal 5)

     * Indicates courses available online as well as on campus.

Total Credits to complete MnTC Goal Areas: 40 credits


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