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Chart your course with new GPS LifePlan

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Chart your course with Southeast Tech's GPS LifePlan!

GPS LifePlan - StudentSoutheast Technical is excited to launch a new service for our students, GPS LifePlan, a website with tools to help you with setting Goals, making Plans and achieving Success.

Life is a balancing act between many areas of your life. We know it's about more than being a student. That's why there are five main areas of the GPS LifePlan website: Career, Education, Finance, Leadership, and Personal. 

There are three major components to the GPS LifePlan:

  1. The web-based GPS LifePlan tool: Visit the website at www.gpslifeplan.org/southeastmn to explore how the GPS LifePlan can help you set goals and design a plan that will lead you to the success you desire. This program has the flexibility to be used by students of all ages and at all stages. 

  2. An electronic portfolio, eFolio: Your eFolio is a place to help you organize and track your educational, career and overall life goals. You can set up private, password-protected pages as well as a public profile.

  3. Campus resources and events: In the right-hand sidebar of each GPS LifePlan web page, you'll find a list of Southeast Technical Campus Resources and Upcoming Workshops, which will be updated as future events are planned.

For optimal success, you can take advantage of all three components. But if that isn't possible, the GPS LifePlan website can be a valuable stand-alone resource and we encourage you to use it as it best fits your individual needs.

Visit GPS LifePlan today, and set up your personal eFolio account. If you have questions about GPS LifePlan, please visit Student Services.