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Machine Tool Program Installs New Equipment

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Winona, Minn. (MSC-ST) - The Machine Tool & Die program at Southeast Technical received a new piece of equipment that will become an invaluable tool for student learning. The new Comparator Coordinate Measuring Machine, installed this week, will allow students to inspect student-machined parts at a much more accurate level than they could before.  The old machine, which employed technology from half a century ago, is more manual in nature, and is being advertised for sale to the general public, has been replaced with digital, state-of-the-art, precision measuring equipment that better represents current manufacturing practices.

According to instructor Roger Holland, both first and second year students will be using it to verify the quality of their work which will allow them improve their skill and competency levels. The machine was chosen for its “Made in Minnesota” roots and because it was a good fit for learning and instruction.  The machine is a product of Scherr-Tumico, a St. James, Minnesota based manufacturing company.

New Machine

(Photo: Peter Martignacco, Quality Products Manager for David Olson Sales, demonstrates  the features of the new Comparator Coordinate Measuring Machine for students and faculty in the Machine Tool & Die program at Southeast Technical. The machine, which replaces dated technology was put in place to improve student learning.)