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Chemistry instructor helps students celebrate Mole Day

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Mole Day
Southeast Technical chemistry instructor Tim Doherty demonstrates hydrogen combustion as part of Mole Day celebrations at St. Matthew's school in Winona.

Southeast Technical chemistry instructor Tim Doherty, along with Susie Doherty from Watkins, Inc., helped students in grades 5-8 at St. Matthew’s school in Winona celebrate Mole Day, an unofficial holiday for chemists. Tim and Susie helped the student make "Gak" and preformed various chemical demonstrations, including the combustion of hydrogen, for two groups of Phil Moll’s students. A mole is a commonly used unit of measurement in chemistry that amounts to 6.02 x 1023 particles. Mole Day, celebrated annually on October 23 (10/23), is part of National Chemistry Week, during which educators highlight the positive contributions chemistry has made to society.