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Medical Support Students See Bodies: the Exhibition

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BodiesStudents in our Medical Support Career programs visited the much talked about “Bodies the Exhibition” in Madison Wisconsin November 29. A group of forty curious students, along with instructors Becky Korder, Patty Watson, Brenda Edwards and Karen Clements, traveled by bus to take in this unique display.  From a general perspective, the intent of the exhibition is to allow people to learn about their own bodies and, ultimately, teach them how to take better care of their health and make positive lifestyle choices. However as an educational visit, the exhibit gives students in medical support careers the opportunity to see organs and systems they are studying in the human body, giving them a better understanding of what they are learning. Instructor Patty Watson said the various cross-sections and actual individual display of organs was a valuable learning tool for her students studying medical terminology. Students in the Health Unit Coordinator (HUC), Medical Coding, and Medical secretary programs were all able to benefit from seeing the exhibit. They wish to extend a special thank you to the Southeast Technical Student Senate for their financial support of the trip. To learn more about the display, visit Bodies: The Exhibition.