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Carpentry students build houses from the ground up

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2011 Carpentry HouseStudents in Southeast Technical’s Carpentry program are putting the finishing touches on a two-family home in Red Wing and a single family home in Winona. In keeping with Southeast Technical’s emphasis of putting students in real-world learning environments, carpentry students apply skills and techniques learned in the classroom to these home-building projects, and along the way, gain invaluable work-related experience that impresses future employers.

With a shortage of qualified carpenters in the job market, graduates of Southeast Technical’s Carpentry program find numerous job opportunities. Southeast Technical offers diploma and associate degree programs in carpentry, and also provides certificate programs for carpenters who are seeking additional training. To learn more, visit the Carpentry program page.

Guitar show shines spotlight on student work

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2011 Guitar ShowStudent work was on display at Southeast Technical’s annual guitar show May 10 on the college’s Red Wing campus. Instruments crafted by first- and second-year students in both the Guitar Repair and Building program and Violin Repair program were played by professional musicians and recording artists, including Phil Heywood, National fingerpicking champion and recording artist who has toured and performed with Leo Kottke; Bill Cagley, a well-respected guitarist best known for flatpicking traditional American and Irish fiddle tunes; and Bob Douglas, an early member of the Prairie Home Companion Powdermilk Biscuit band and “mandolin wizard.”

Graduates of Southeast Technical’s Guitar Repair and Building program and Violin Repair program are in high demand. Both programs are known nationwide for producing skilled technicians, many of which find employment in music stores, independent repair shops, manufacturers, and through self-employment. To learn more, visit the Guitar Repair and Building program page or the Violin Repair program page.