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Medical Support Program Visits Gundersen-Lutheran

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PattyWClassA group of students and instructors from the Medical Support programs at Southeast Technical toured Gundersen-Lutheran Medical Center in La Crosse on February 17.  They were able to see what goes on “behind the scenes” in many areas.  While touring Radiology, they were able to view ultrasound, CT scanning, and general x-ray.  One of the radiologists explained his educational background, voice-activated dictation, and the process of editing of radiology notes.  Students also “gowned up” and visited Logistics/CS to watch equipment come down from surgery and be cleaned and sterilized.  While observing processes in the Lab, students were able to see actual specimens under the microscope along with a specimen removed during surgery and being examined for the spread of cancer.  Another highlight was Pharmacy.  The students were allowed to view an electronic record image that kept all medications updated for hospitalized patients. Students were able to see the security involved with controlled substances with a high potential for abuse.  Patty Watson, Becky Korder, and Karen Clements accompanied the students.  Patty Watson said, “It is an annual field experience that raises many questions and often leads to much discussion in the classroom.”